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Monthly Yeast Infections – Can These Be Prevented?

Yeast infection is a common occurrence – sometimes inevitable because its causes are beyond human control. Causes that can be avoided such as eating too much sweets and sugar can help curtail the emergence of an infection. But when you suffer trom the monthly yeast infections syndrome, then special precautionary measures are called for. Suffering from monthly yeast infections will surely hard-hit you.

Yeast infection attacking every month is very detestable. Imagine experiencing the same annoying symptoms every month, and the patterned episodes can make you paranoid. This happens to many women who are still menstruating. When a woman’s period is nearing, she is experiencing chemical imbalances that cause the overgrowth of yeasts. Thus yeast infections may occur. The monthly period of a woman is the trigger of the monthly yeast infections, a monthly recurring affliction.

You are a woman. You know the time when a yeast infection is going to attack – that is because you know the schedule of your monthly period. You will begin to feel the itching, the redness, burning sensation and swelling. At this time the PH in the vaginal area causes imbalance – the genital area becomes acidic. The yeast infection is imminent.

Would there be medicine to prevent recurrence of this monthly yeast infection? The first option is to try natural remedies, since these do not have side effects. Never negate the power of home natural remedies. They have been used for many years in the past with great success. There is nothing wrong with medicine, but when natural remedies can be effective, why not try them? Besides, home remedies are less expensive and devoid of chemicals.

There are lots of home remedies available. You can even search the internet for natural remedies. But be warned to be discriminate – not everything you read on the internet is appropriate. Our suggestion is to read forums where you can get valuable information.

Here are some ways to prevent the monthly yeast infection.

  1. Use of drugs or medicine. Doctors recommend the use of over-the-counter anti-fungal cream or ointment a few days before the onset of menstruation. This will prevent the overgrowth of yeast and consequently, curtail  the attack of the yeast infection.
  2. For the natural remedy, you can try garlic or vinegar which both contain anti-fungal properties that can give relief when yeast infection happens. Vinegar can be added to water and used as a douche. Vinegar can add to the acidity of the vaginal environment. And garlic can be used just as you use a vaginal suppository.
  3. Take a warm bath with a few tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. This is another home remedy that can alleviate the symptoms of the infection. The vinegar will help increase the acidity in the genital area.
  4. Use of boric acid is another home remedy. Add boric acid to water for relief in the symptom of the yeast infection.
  5. Change in diet is another precautionary measure. Avoid sweets because to much sugar in the urine will pave way to breeding ground of yeast. Processed carbohydrates should also be avoided, being another breeding ground for yeast.

Women are the most affected when it comes to monthly yeast infections. This emanates from the fact that women experience monthly change in their PH balance.